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Welcome to ADHOCVET Veterinary Surgery, your local veterinarian in CASTETS

Founded in 2015, the ADHOCVET vet practice in Castets provides a wide variety of veterinary medical services for pets: dogs, cats and exotics.

Our vet team offers the best possible quality of service to pets and their owners.

You will find the main clinical services we offer on this page. We'll try our very best to speak to you in English.

Facilities overview

Preventive care

Yearly vaccination, deworming, preventive examinations adapted according to age... to improve the quality of life of your animal from birth to its senior days.

Animal behaviour

Behavioural disorders are common in our pets. They require early treatment to give your pet the best chance of success. Dr Gaëlle Gissinger holds a certificate (CES) in animal behaviour.


Adhocvet Veterinary Clinic offers neutering and soft tissue surgery, with dedicated support throughout the operation and special attention to pain control.

Medical imaging

We are equipped with the latest equipment to be able to carry out precision diagnoses: radiology, abdominal and cardiac ultrasound, rhinoscopy and laryngoscopy.

Veterinary medicine

A careful and rigorous examination "from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail" is systematically carried out, in line with the best protocols fixed by current standards of veterinary medicine.

Cattery and kennel

In order to carry out certain examinations, when a surgical operation is scheduled or when a treatment cannot be carried out at home, hospitalisation of the animal may be necessary.

How to find us



88 rue Jean de Nasse
40260 Castets

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Opening Hours

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